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pacoima neighborhood city hall

pacoima, CA


The Pacoima Neighborhood City Hall provides municipal outreach and creates a grand public space. The complex supports the neighborhood with city services and a district council office. It serves the expanding commercial district providing civic spaces for community participation in governance and recreation. The complex also offers additional neighborhood parking.


The construction is a 38,000 square foot site consisting of the 12,000 square foot building complex, public plaza and gardens, and the 21,000 square foot subterranean parking. The project will be LEED certified.

The color palette is closely coordinated with the program and flow through the space. Signage and way finding supported a simple and user-friendly building which was open to the public 24/7.


Collaboration with RoTo Architects

and Robert Lane Associates for signage-wayfinding.

photography by lane barden

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