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orange county great park

city of irvine, CA


We joined forces with the great park design studio to create a unified branding and signage/way-finding program for a 1,300-acre public park being developed on the site of the former El Toro Air Force Base. Public participation has been integral in shaping the design. The goal was to create a visitor experience with a new kind of relationship between the built environment and the natural world, providing a connection to both history and current needs. The Great Park provides three park experiences in one: a place to wander, picnic and explore; the ecological backbone with native species and wildlife; and a memorial park that commemorates the history of the site with productive farms, a historical timeline and sports facilities.  

Each of the major entrances to the Great Park will be designed as a celebratory space with a strong focal point. From each entry point, the circulation intends to allow a family to park/ride once and spend the day throughout the 1,400 acres. 

Graphic design plays a significant role in the physical space by allowing the visitor to locate themselves through the sign types and color palette. In the original plan, the branding design presented a variety of sculptural variations to act as landmarks for the separate districts.

Collaboration with Ken Smith Landscape Architects,

Mia Lehrer Landscape ArchitectsTen Arquitectos & IDA

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