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miracle manor retreat

desert hot springs, CA



Situated in Desert Hot Springs, California, at the western edge of Joshua Tree National Park, Miracle Manor Retreat is a seven-room 50's era spa motel that sits atop Miracle Hill. The Miracle lies in the aquifer some 400 feet below the surface – the source of geothermal mineral waters. For decades, these springs have attracted countless people in search of natural health and healing.


The Manor has been designed as an oasis of the spirit. Celebrating the subtle forms and textures of the desert, sky and waters, its highly detailed simplicity invites reflection, renewal and rejuvenation. 


Made in Space and Roto Architects conceived of the vision and subsequent design of Miracle Manor: the Manor’s landscape, buildings and interiors are as transparent to the experience of the desert itself. In each of the serene guest rooms, panoramic windows offer a mesmerizing view of the ever-changing desert landscape and Greiman-Rotondi designed beds, storage units and desks ensure an uncluttered, nurturing experience.


The color palette and choice of materials (including organic bedding + textiles) were chosen for the guest to have a heightened sensual experience of the desert and the qualities of light.

Collaboration with Roto Architects

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