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prairie view school of art and architecture

The building is the gateway to the campus, serving as a landmark expressing the new growth of this historical school. It is one of the Historic African-American Universities. The building is organized in two parts; the first part houses the Cultural Center archives and exhibition area (memory.) The Cultural Center and the School of Architecture share a state of the art presentation theatre which can support lectures, music, and virtual scenario planning of urban strategies. A bridge connects it to the second part, a long body which houses the College of Architecture and Art (laboratory), which is organized over three floors bifurcated by a continuous canyon. This is the social exchange zone that is critical to the success of a creative community. The communal life of the school occurs in the 450 long zone. The building is a concrete structure with brick and glass and steel cladding.


The color palette is based on primary colors, the ‘basics’ for this art and architecture school. Yellow is used for 'the laboratory', ‘the ground plane, earth;’ Blue is for ‘memory’ and ‘ideas’ and used in administrative and classroom spaces; and finally Red is for the ‘container.’

Collaboration with RoTo Architects and Texas A+M University, Prairie View School of Art and Architecture.

prairie view, TX


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