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madame tussauds wax museum

hollywood, CA


Madame Tussauds Wax Museum is located next to the historic Grauman's Chinese Theatre; an iconic building and symbol of a time when Hollywood Boulevard was filled with crowds going to the movies, shopping, dining, and walking.


The architect's goal was to complete the western end of Hollywood Boulevard where the majority of activity takes place and to make the space deferential to the existing landmark. Urbanistically, the multi-leveled public spaces enhance and amplify the street life as it ascends to the roof plaza.


The interior is a continuous circuit of movement culminating in a public plaza on the roof. The interior is a narrative of historical and contemporary people captured in “wax portraits.”


The color and materials palette is contexted by location, particularly the Chinese Theatre, its next door neighbor, and the Hollywood 'Walk of Fame.'

Collaboration with RoTo Architects.

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