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drylands exhibition

architecture + design museum, los angeles, CA


'Drylands Design' Exhibition features work by architects, landscape architects, engineers, and urban designers responding to the challenges of water scarcity in the face of climate change. With a focus on the US West, the exhibition presents a portfolio of adaptive strategies large and small, rural and urban, high tech and low-carbon.

At the heart of the exhibition are winning visions selected by a prominent jury from hundreds of submissions to the William Turnbull Drylands Design Competition, hosted by the California Architectural Foundation. 

Since no single solution will meet the complex needs of the US west, the exhibition explores a range of approaches for how buildings and parks, houses and streets, industry and agriculture, cities and neighborhoods might be adapted to thrive in a water-stressed future. Proposals range in scale from water-smart building systems to regional plans, and focus on both agricultural and urban economies. Geographically, proposals range from Albuquerque to Yuma, Lubbock to Fresno, San Diego to Salt Lake City, Reno to Los Angeles.

Drylands Design recognizes water scarcity as an issue of global concern, and challenges the industrialized west to take a leadership position with water-conserving, low-carbon design innovation, deployable in its own backyard and exportable to water-stressed societies worldwide. 

Made in Space, with Laurie Haycock-Makela,  graphic design and environmental graphics in collaboration with Office of Hadley and Peter Arnold, exhibition concept, design, event and competition organizers

Chu-Gooding Architects, Annie Chu, exhibition design, furniture

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