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Objects in Space Exhibition

woodbury university,

While often technically two-dimensional, the works of April Greiman demand space in a specific way around them. The exhibition features a selection of printed graphic identities for architecture firms and institutions with a connection to Los Angeles, branding, color and environmental graphics for the Orange County Great Park, as well as three large-scale printed panels of her digital photography, including ‘Sol y Flores’ from her 2006 Drive-by Shooting Exhibition series. The selected works attest to her work’s longstanding relationship with architecture and impact our senses at different scales, creating tactile and shimmering microcosms, as well as macrocosms that envelop the viewer.


Each scale encourages second-takes from the visitor as the works highlight the ever-repeating cycle of creating and perceiving our environment Greiman is interested in the nature of the man-made, her works are carefully considered while playful and flexible (the hanging quote panels were etched on found materials and shapes), reveal the tools of their creation, yet, are allowed to live in the subjective perceptual reality of the observer.


wedge gallery,


burbank, CA

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