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mak center @ the schindler house

west hollywood, CA


The MAK Center is the sister institution of the MAK Museum in Vienna, committed to exhibitions and cultural activities related to art and architecture. The MAK Center is located in Los Angeles, within the Schindler House. The logotype was created to integrate the dual focus of both art and architecture, and the actual logotype as an object, a 'built' form in itself. An intentional visual ambiguity between two dimensional and three dimensional, figure and ground, was intended to merge or contest the boundaries between art and architecture as a brand metaphor.

The identity system included the new logotype, stationery, print

and book design, website and signage. In addition, we were commissioned to design a logo for the their Urban Future Initiative Program (dubbed UFIMAK). UFIMAK is a residency program that promotes meaningful exchanges between cultural thinkers from diverse nations in order to cultivate visionary conceptions of the urban future. UFIMAK typography accompanies the MAK Center @ the Schindler House identity as well as defines itself in a clean, universal approach with the same spirit, color, and base font as the main MAK logotype.

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