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los angeles, california

farbe / color exhibition

armin hofmann

Farbe / Color Armin Hofmann Exhibition 

For Armin Hofmann, lecturing at design schools and working as a freelance graphic artist went hand in hand: his activities as an educator invariably provided inspiration for his own work. Rather than a doctrinaire approach, Hofmann’s teaching style centered on the students’ engagement with their own experiences and abilities, so enabling them to hone their individual perception of design issues. 


During his many years as a teacher at various institutions across the world, including the Basel School of Design in Switzerland and the Yale University School of Art, Hofmann accumulated a treasure-trove of experiences and findings on the subject of color. Following his retirement, he produced 20 silkscreen portfolios, each containing 12 compositions. One of these portfolios and 16 studies for the prints will constitute the major portion of Farbe / Color. 


The exhibition at A+D Architecture and Design Museum showcased one of Hofmann’s portfolios as well as 16 studies of the prints as a part of Farbe / Color. The legendary Swiss graphic designer and educator has described his silkscreens as an account of his pedagogical activities. 



Designed and curated by April Greiman 


Collaboration with RoTo Architecture.

exhibit installation

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